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Chen Zhenglei Tai Chi Chuan Training Center - Zhengzhou

The Chen Village Tai Chi Chuan Training Center was founded by Chen-style Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in 1995 in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. Master Chen is the 19th Generation Grandmaster of Chen-style, and is ranked as one of the top ten Tai Chi Masters in China. The main aim of the school is to promote and popularize Tai Chi and Taiji culture, both in China and abroad. Since the establishment, it has produced many great Tai Chi students have won many titles and medals in national Tai Chi championships and traditional Wushu competitions. Now there are groups of qualified and experienced teachers in the school that provide authentic Tai Chi courses for both Chinese and international students.

-Available Styles and Techniques

Tai Chi Basics & Foundational Course
Chen Style Old Frame (Laojia)
Chen Style New Frame (Xingjia)
Chen style Staff (Pole)
Chen Style Spear
Chen Style Broadsword
Tai Chi Push-Hands

Durlation Once a day Twice a day
1 Day 90 130
2 Day 130 160
3 Day 160 220
4 Day 190 250
5 Day 220 280
6 Day 250 310
7 Day 280 340







Durlation Once a week Twice a week Three times a week
1 month 230 380 480
2 nonths 430 580 680
3 nonths 630 780 880
4 nonths 830 980 1080
5 nonths 1030 1180 1280
6 nonths 1230 1380 1480







-Training Venues & Facilities

The centre is located in the centre of Zhengzhou, and consists of one floor of an office building. There is a large, well-padded training area, with changing rooms and facilities.


Students will stay in a pleasent, modern hotel close by (3-5 minutes walk). Breakfast at the hotel is included, lunch and dinner (Chinese food) is extra, but very cheap (two or three dishes, enough to for two people, costs roughly 2 or 3 pounds, or $7). Drinks and snacks are available very cheaply in the hotel or from the many shops and stalls nearby. There are single or double rooms available, en-suite, with air-conditioning and a television in each room.

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