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Study & Training at Chen Taiji Village (Chen Jiagou-Henan)
(Dates & Fees 2017-2018)

Course Dates:

Application Dealine: short-term courses: 50 Days /long-term courses: 60 Days before the course begins

Available for all weeks (1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 Weeks)

1st March 
1st April
1st June 
1st July 
1st August
1st September 
1st November 
1st December

15th March 
15th April
15th May 
15th June
15th July
15th August
15th Septmber
15th October
15th November

Program Fees

All Fees are provided in US Dollar, for other currencies, please contact us

Course Duration

Program Fee

Shared Room

Single Room


1 week 1290 1480 980
2 weeks 1880 2280 1280
3 weeks 2480 2980 1880
4 weeks 3080 3680 2280

6 weeks

3980 4680 3080

8 Weeks 

4780 5480 3780

10 Weeks 

5680 6480 4580

12 Weeks 

6280 7080 5480

(Please Note: SCIC Beijing reserves the right to change the program dates and fees prior to their commencement)


Program Fee Includes:

Visa Supporting Documents:
All visa documents, including the University Admission Notice or School Offer, any required documents for visa application, your invitation letter and other necessary documents will be posted to you once your application has been accepted.

Airport Pick-up/Drop-off:
We meet all the participants at the airport and transfer you to the hotel in Beijing first, after three days activities in Beijing, we take you to the host school of your course, and we will also take you back to the airport once the course has finished.

Accommodation in Beijing
Students will stay in a hotel while their are in Beijing. This includes 1 day at the beginning and 1 day at the end of the course.

Welcome Pack:
Includes a Beijing map, local magazine, course timetable, emergency contact numbers, plus the locations of amenities such as shops, supermarkets and the post office.

Study & Training Materials:
All participants will be given two pairs of training trousers and two SCIC T-shirts, plus two pairs of Feiyue shoes.

Orientation Day:
Participants will be taken on a brief tour around study schools and then on a more extensive walking tour of the neighborhood so you can orientate yourself and make the most of local facilities.

Chinese Language Class:
A basic Chinese language lesson is arranged for students at the beginning of the course in Beijing. This basic survival guide to Chinese is very useful and important for their stay in China.

Technical Terms in Chinese:
As the most of the Tai Chi teachers in your host Tai Chi school do not speak English, this class is specifically arranged for foreign students to learn Tai Chi technical terms and sentences, as well as tai chi idioms in Chinese. In this way students can smoothly enter into classes, and understand the basics of the class.

Private transportation from the hotel you stay for the arrival day to train station, a soft sleeper train ticket from Beijing to Zhengzhou, private transportation from train station to the school. Private Transportation from School to the train station, train ticket to Beijing, Private Transportation from the train station to hotel, and transportation from the hotel to the airport.

Tuition Fee for hosting schools:
All the tuition fees of the Chen Jiagou Taiji Wushu Training center are included in the course.

Accommodation is either a single room, a shared room or hotel room, and the payment for such is included in the course fee. We also provide all the bedding such as pillows, sheets and duvet or blanket in your room.

Study Certificate:
All participants will be presented with a certificate of the study and training programs attended at the end of the course, which is recognized by the International Wushu Federation and the Shaolin Kung Fu Association .

Taxes & Services:
All taxes involved are covered in the course fee. Other services we provide include assisting our students on opening a bank account and providing useful local information while you study and train in China.

Donation for SCIC Sports Fund Program:
There is a $5 donation from all course study fees to the SCIC Sports Fund. This means everyone provides a small contribution to our Sport Fund program, helping to raise money and awareness for children and senior citizens living in poverty, and to enable them to participate in more sporting and healthy activities in Yunnan Province.

Beijing Sightseeings & Local Activties: (Additional Costs)
Specially arranged Beijing tours can be arranged in the first three days upon arrival or at the end of the course in Beijing, this provides an opportunity for kung fu students to discover Beijing's major historical and cultural attractions, including the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Admission, transportation and English speaking guides are provided at no extra cost. Local activities such as Peking Duck Banquet, Peking Opera, Martial Arts Shows, Acrobatics Shows, Tea House and Hot pot Experience can also be arranged. Please contact us for more information.

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