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Company Profile

SCIC is an international culture development corporation which offers a range of Chinese experiences including travel, language study, martial arts training and cultural, sporting and artistic activities and events. Through innovation, perseverance and high quality standards, SCIC has become one of the leading organizations in the sports and cultural industry of China. The satisfaction of our participants is our number one concern.   Our goal: to meet and exceed our guests' expectations, by offering the safest and best value with our programs. SCIC involves four areas; SCIC Travel, SCIC Study SCIC Martial Arts and SCIC Sports, each area specifically designed to meet the different needs of our participants.



The SCIC Travel team is a group of professional tour operators who have experience in the Chinese tourist industry. All members of the group are dedicated, friendly and have knowledge of Chinese history and culture.


The SCIC Study team is dedicated to providing professional services for our language students. They can provide valuable advice on your study, as well as useful information on living in China.


The SCIC Martial Arts team is made up of former professional athletes and instructors, as well as current university teachers and students. All have great knowledge and experience to help you succeed with your martial arts study.


SCIC Head Office:

SCIC Head office takes charge of all travel programs, and coordinates with local operators in each city around China. There are 50 staff and six major departments in total, specializing in all aspects of the tourism industry. SCIC provides visitors with the flexibility to get the most out of the trip they participate in. All services provided are precisely in line with the program elaborated by customers.

A-702, Nan Xi Cang International Tower,
A 22, Dong Si Shi Tiao,
Dongcheng District,
Beijing 100007. P.R China.



Chaoyang Office:

SCIC Chaoyang Office is located in northeast of Beijing, Wangjing Area. It is responsible for cooperating with universities and schools, and providing assistance for students throughout their stay in China. Transportation is provided free of charge from the universities and schools to the office for both language and martial arts students.


B1701, Leading International,
A No. 2 Zhonghuan Nanlu,
Wangjing, Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100102. P.R China.

Cultural Specialists:

SCIC is proud to invite renowned experts in each field and give workshops and training courses to our visitors. They include doctors and professors from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and artists, teachers and students from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. SCIC also works with martial artists, Tai Chi masters, instructors and former athletes from the Beijing Sports University and professional sports teams, as well as local folk arts experts for our culture & arts workshops: chop seals making, dumpling making, kite making, paper cutting etc. More Info


SCIC Staff and National Guides:

SCIC selects the best English, French and German tour guides for each travel location and tourist spots in China. Most of them have graduated from the Beijing International Studies University (the top university for tourism majors). They are all qualified and highly trained as professional tour guides, and are also efficient, hospitable and considerate. All our guides have a good understanding of Chinese culture, travelling in China and local information at major tourist attractions, and provide superb services for all SCIC participants, giving you a pleasant and remarkable experience.

Brief Intro of our tour guides >>



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