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China Tours & Travel

Study with Travel Experiences in China

Study Chinese Language, Culture or Martial Arts in China while enjoying various travel and tour experiences with SCIC Travel Division!

Free Weekend Tours

Weekend tours are provided free of charge for both language and martial arts students. Tours provide students with the opportunity to discover famous historical  and cultural attractions and explore some of the most interesting contemporary attractions in Beijing. 

Including: Great Wall / Forbidden City / Temple of Heaven, Beihai Park / Summer Palace / Beijing Hutong / Olympic Park / 798 Art Gallery


Admission, transportation and English speaking guides are provided at no extra cost. These tours provide an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of China's rich history and cultural heritage.

Optional Monthly Tips

Optional monthly trips are available at an additional cost for all SCIC students. Trips include the dynamic city of Shanghai, the ancient capital city of Xian, the splendid City of Pingyao and Datong, as well as an adventurous excursion to the homeland of Kangis Guham- Inner Mongolia.

Taking part in monthly trips allows students to experience different lifestyles and cultures apart from Beijing.

China Tours (at the end of Course)

Various trips and tours are available at the end of study terms. This is a great opportunity to discover some major tourist destinations and experience China's rich unique history and cultural heritage on a larger scale.




Looking for more travel opportunities

If you are interested in more travel experiences in China, please visit the SCIC Travel Division.


Social Experiences in China


A wide range of activities are organized throughout the language program. A great Way to make new Chinese friends and friends from all over the world.

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Culture and Arts Workshops


These provide a unique opportunity for students to learn and experience some of China’s traditional skills and crafts.

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SCIC Newsletter

Enjoy a fun and complete study, social and travel experience of China!

See our activities in action...

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