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Culture & Arts Workshops

Study Chinese Culture and Arts in China

Our culture and arts workshops are a unique opportunity for our participants to learn and experience some of China's traditional skills and crafts. All of our workshops will be taught and demonstrated by professionals of each craft. The workshops will normally be held for one to two hours.

Calligraphy Workshop

Learn techniques of Chinese Brush Painting. Practice the basics of Calligraphy. Participants can learn and practice Chinese words and take home their very own Chinese character paintings. Classes introduce a variety of calligraphy styles and features, and participants can then focus on perfecting one style of this ancient art form.


Chinese Water-colour Painting

Participants will be given a workshop by an experienced and renowned artist from Beijing University of Culture and Arts. This class introduces elements of the traditional art of Chinese water-colour painting. This creative and fun workshop results in beautiful pieces of art as participants can exhibit their individual styles.

TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine

Classes introduce ancient Chinese concepts and beliefs about what constitutes the human body and illness, and include diagnostic methods and treatments using herbal medicine and massage. This is useful for participants to understand the relationship between Martial Arts and medicine.


Classical Chinese Musical Instruments

Chinese traditional music is famous for its gentle and elegant sounds. There are many instruments played by the artists such as GuZeng, Erfu, Pipa, Yangqing and Flute. They are the main musical instruments played in many famous Tai Chi music and Kung Fu movies such as the 'Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon', 'Once Upon A Time in China' and 'Hero'.


Learn one of China's most popular and characteristic folk arts. It takes paper as the material and scissors or an engraving knife as the tool. In Chinese culture paper-cuts symbolize the idea of blessedness, luck and fortune. Most Chinese families use them as window decorations and patterns also for religious and decorative purposes. Our participants will be taught by paper-cutting experts.


  Dumpling Making (Jiaozi workshops)

Learn how to make the famous Chinese cuisine - Jiao Zi  - all by yourself! Jiao Zi is the traditional food in northern China. Since it sounds like the phrase 'transforming of a new year', Chinese people regard eating Jiao zi as an essential part of celebrating the Chinese New Year. This time, under the instruction of the tutor, participants can make Jiao zi from scratch and then enjoy sampling their work!

Ma Jiang Workshop

This game requires four players and is played like Gin Rummy, although tiles are used instead of cards. The aim is to discard and claim tiles using a 'hold' and the game goes around in a circle so that each player gets a turn to organize their tiles into a winning hand. A local Beijing expert will give a brief lesson, then show the basic tricks and explain many different ways of playing, as well as demonstrating the most common methods of cheating!


  Traditional Seals & Chops

Learn and understand this ancient handcraft. Participants will be taught by local experts to make a piece of seal with your name in Chinese or English, so it can be used on your work on the painting or calligraphy workshops. Schools or associations can use this chance to make an official school seal, which can be used for grading and certificates.

Other workshops can also arranged on request:

Introduction to Chinese Language
Chinese Folk Songs & Dances
Chinese Knots
Chinese Embroidery
Kite Making
Cookery Workshop
Chinese Chess and Poker Games

Social Experience in China


A wide range of activities are organized throughout the language program. A great way to make new Chinese friends and friends from all over the world.

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China Tours & Travel Experiences

We offer free weekend tours, monthly city travel throughout your study period and arrange whole China tours at the end of your study term.

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Enjoy a fun and complete study, social and travel experience of China!

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