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Student Interview (Wushu)

Student Interview (SCIC Wushu Program)

Name: Barzo Dosky
From:  London, United Kingdom
Purpose of study: prepare for national wushu competition
Host school:  Beijing Wushu Team  
                        Erpo Shaolin Kung Fu institute in Dengfeng

 Train at Shaolin Temple

1: was this your first time in China?
I have travelled to china 3 times with 'SCIC Beijing', the most recent being to prepare for a national Wushu competition in the U.K.

2: What course were you studying there?
I was studying Taolu Wushu (routines based wushu) at Beijing Wushu Team (Shi Cha Hai sports School).

3: How long were you there for?

I was there for a 1 month intensive training programme....training 5 hours a day....as well as sightseeing on the weekends

4: How was your Martial Arts class and teacher?

there were many classes you could choose from training with the professional team or with the kids working mainly on basics....each was beneficial in their own way.....I preferred to train with the kids class as I felt like I needed to work more basics at the time.....if I was to go back now I would train more with the professional team as I feel that I have a much better level of wushu.

Not all of the coaches spoke English. The coach for the professional team would rarely correct or 'teach' in a sense, as he/she would already expect you to have a good level of wushu. He/she would only correct mistakes now and again rather than 'teach' you, whereas the coach for the kid's class was more involved in teaching and improving your basic level of wushu, which will ultimately lead to a better level of wushu.

5. Any tips on getting the most from your training?  

If you have a novice level of wushu and have never experienced professional training, the best idea would be to train with the kids class...they work very hard on conditioning and basics, whereas the professional team already have a good base of conditioning and basics, so they don't work as much on the elements needed to help you improve .  The kid's classes usually drill the basics and conditioning needed for a good level of wushu on a daily basis.

Training 5 hours a day , 5-6 days a week is not easy for anyone who has never experienced this level of intensity ....just be sure that your body will adapt soon enough....don't give in to fatigue!.....train over  the pain and you will see results during your recovery period.

9: What was your accommodation like?
I stayed at the student dormitory, which was pretty standard accommodation.....not excellent, but not bad either....if I had any problems the administration were quick to help. I was provided with a bed, study desk and wardrobe, a fridge and television. Meals were provided with the accommodation, which was very nutritious food and helped before and after a hard days training.

10: Did you meet many Chinese people?

Many Chinese and foreign students were staying at the institute. Beijing is a place full of foreign people as well as Chinese.

11: What do you think of Beijing?

probably my favourite city in the world.....I have travelled many places in the world but so far....nothings has beat Beijing.....so many amazing things about it.....the food, shopping, nightlife, culture, scenery,  I can go on and on......if you want value for money.....Beijing is the place!

12: What is your favourite thing about China?

It's a whole collection of things that make china so amazing....not just one.

13: What do you think of Chinese food? And what is your favourite Chinese dish?

I love it.....Chinese food in china is nothing like Chinese food in the U.K or in the U.S.....so much variety in china.....one of my favourite dishes is Szechuan hotpot!

14: Why did you choose SCIC Beijing's Program ?
I travelled with them before on a cultural/sightseeing trip visiting Beijing/Henan and they made the trip very exciting ....everyday was packed with activities/sightseeing and cultural experiences.

15. What benefits did you get from the course?

I understood what professional sports training was like, I learnt the importance of knowing how to train ...I learnt a great deal about my body and how to treat it to get the most out of it.....I made great friends....done enough shopping to last me a life time.....had fun nights out.....I ate great food.  I came back to London with incredible energy and enthusiasm. Priceless!

16. Will you come to China again?

Definitely.....so much more things to experience there!

Thanks for your time, we hope you  will come to China with us again!

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