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-Chinese University Visit

 A day visit at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Meeting Chinese University students!

Over the weekend we had the chance to go into a Chinese classroom and meet some of the students.

The Central Academy for Fine Arts in Beijing teaches a number of subjects, architecture and calligraphy amongst them. The class we visited was made up of students from these two subjects. They were first-years, all eighteen years old, and had only been doing their courses for a few weeks! We were nervous and I'm certain they were nervous too.

We started by introducing ourselves, saying where we were from and what we were doing in Beijing. We spoke in English which certainly was a bonus for me! Then we took turns to ask the students some questions, and then they asked us some too.




 Exchange with Chinese Uni students

 Visit the central Academy of Fine Arts


We realised Chinese students like football!

The class was big - 35 students in total - and there seemed to be roughly an equal mix of boys and girls. Their English seemed to be good so they must have a good teacher! Ryan went first and he talked to the students a bit about American culture, and different Chinese dishes. When it was my turn I asked them what they knew about English culture and society and one boy replied 'Football!' We then talked a little bit about football and sports. It seems most Chinese people know a lot about Western football teams, the boys especially.

To begin with the students seemed shy, and I think they were a bit intimidated, but as the class went on they became more relaxed (and we did too). At one point one student asked to me to demonstrate the martial arts I had studied in China so I performed a little bit of a Taijiquan routine for them! They seemed to like it, and although I was embarrassed to do it in front of such a big group of people, it was also fun.

We had a great time with the students and it was a brilliant opportunity for me to explain a bit about English culture and how we see the East and the Chinese. I'm sure it was also fun for the students as well, because most of them had never met a foreigner before!

We visited the Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition Cenetr

After the class we went to look round a contemporary art exhibition that was being held on the same campus. The artwork was a mixture of what I would consider 'classic' Chinese art such as brush paintings and displays of traditional Chinese clothing with very contemporary sculptures, displays of calligraphy and film displays (one with Brian Eno music playing over the top). I thought that the exhibition was a brilliant display of 'new China', where the Chinese were finding lots of new ways to express themselves.   


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