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Wudang Kung Fu Study Trip 2011

Wudang Kung Fu Study Trip 2011

Name: Iain Naylor
From: Perth, Scotland
Age: 45
Occupation: Taiji Teacher
Trip Title: Wudang Kung fu study trip
Trip Date: 24th April - 10th May 2011
Visited Places: Beijing, Wudang, Shengnongjia (ext to Shaolin Temple and Xi'an Terracotta Warriors

Our 6th trip to China with the SCIC Beijing

began on 28th April 2011.  Many of the group were returning to China for the 2nd or 3rd time but with new members in the group once again we began our trip with the Beijing sights.


The main purpose of our visit

was tai chi training at Wudang mountain with master Chen Shiyu.  We had an overnight stay at the wonderful Wudangshan hotel before travelling up the mountain to stay at the Jiulong (9 dragons) hotel.  We had stayed here before so knew that it was a good hotel even if a long bus journey away from the school.  Master Chen agreed for the first days to come to the hotel for our training sessions but later we travelled down to the school.


Training was in the mornings and sightseeing allocated to the afternoons.  If you have never been to Wudang mountain then this is a must, not just because it is the birthplace of taiji but also because of the amazing scenery and sights ?although we were a bit templed out by the end of the trip.


Trip to Shengnongjia Natural Park

We always like to add something new to our itineraries and this year was no different.  Shennogjia nature reserve was our chosen destination. A day long bus journey over rickety mountain roads saw us arrive at Shennongjia a land of mountains and forests.  Was it worth the trip?  Some of the group were a little disappointed but most enjoyed our short time there with a trip up to the peak of 10000+ feet, a stunning climb inside a cave full of stalagmites and stalactites and rounded off with a long climb up steps to an altogether different temple, a sight needing to be seen to be believed.


Free days in Beijing

A couple of days back in Beijing just to round off the trip with the obligatory shopping spree and then back to Scotland.  Once again a fantastic trip, thank you Chen Lei and the SCIC.

Hands of Light, Scotland.  Check out our facebook page for photos hands of light school of tai chi.

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