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Wushu Study at Beijing Wushu Team (ShishaHai)

Wushu Study at Beijing Wushu Team (Shishahai Sports School)

Name: Ben Morris
Nationality: American
Course Date: 4The April - 25th April 2010
Host School: Beijing Wushu Team
Coach: Zhang Feng




 Coach Zhang Feng

 Ben with Zheng Feng

 Ben at Beijing Wushu Team

I went to to China with my Mum last month and I joined a two weeks Wushu course at Beijing Wushu Team. This course was arranged by Chen Lei (The Director of SCIC Martial Arts). Thi was my dream since my childhood.




 Ben with Coach Liu

 Ben study Straight sword

 Become a good friend

We took a tour of Beijing in the firt few days, and took a trip to Shaolin Temple in Henan. It's difficult to use words to express the experiences we had, but it was excellent, both I and my mum really enjoyed everything we have seen and done, the food, the people and each place we visited.

And then I started my wushu courseat the famous Beijing Wushu Team after returned from Shaolin. My classes were held in the morning from 9am to 11am, and afternoon classes were from 3pm to 5pm. Coach Liu gave me lots of good points on my basics and Coach Zhang Feng taught me some Dao combination movements, also corrected my movements and techniques. It was tiring and intensive but I totally enjoyed it. I have gained a lot in this trip and I will work hard on the movements I learnt and pay more attention on the points that two teachers made at Beijing Wushu Team.

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