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Interview -Tai ji and Bagua Course 2012

Bagua and Chen Style Tai Ji Course - 2012

Name:    James Brown
Age:     30
From:    Exeter, England
Purpose of study:  Kung-fu study and training
Host school/institute:  Bagua Traditional Kung-fu school, Chen Village in Chenjiagou

1: was this your first time in China?
No this was my third time here. I have lived and studied in China before.

2: What course were you studying there?
I was studying traditional Bagua with Master Xi and traditional Chen Taiji with Master Chen.

3: How long were you there for?
Two weeks.


4: How was your Martial Arts class and teacher?
Great. It's the real thing. I come here to study with the best.

5. Any tips on getting the most from your training?
Have fun! Open yourself up to the teaching. Drop your ego away and soak up the teaching.

6: How was your language class and teacher?

7: Any tips on making Chinese easy to remember?
Practice! Also get a Chinese language partner and talk to them. Also a great way to make friends.

8. How was your cultural class and teacher?

9: What was your accommodation like?
Good. The accommodation in Beijing was good and pretty basic. I was there for training so that was fine. In Chenjiagou I stayed in a very nice business hotel.

10: Did you meet many Chinese people?
A few, mostly students of my teachers like me. I did make friends with a few shopkeepers who I saw every day when buying water. Chinese people are very friendly.

11: What do you think of Beijing?
I have mixed feelings about it. It's the centre of China so has a lot of culture and history there. It's also crowded and very dirty though. It's somewhere to stay for a few days before going somewhere else.

12: What is your favourite thing about China?
The way everyone enjoys things together in the parks and open spaces. Walk down any street in a smaller city or go to a park and everywhere people will be dancing, singing, and playing games - it's different than England and wonderful to see.

13: What do you think of Chinese food? And what is your favourite Chinese dish?
Chinese food is lovely - very different to England! There are hundreds of different dishes and they're all different. My favourite at the moment is Mongolian hotpot.

14: Why did you choose SCIC Beijing's Program ?
I know and trust Chen, the manager of the company. I have studied and trained with SCIC before and it's been a good experience.

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