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SCIC Beijing Sports Training and Exchange Programs launched in April 2012. Come to China and train with Olympic Champions, Professional Athletes at top sports schools, teams and clubs.....

  Beijing: (8610)-8472 2674
London: (020)-3239 0099
  New York: (347) 410 5055
Sydney: (02)-8006 4588

Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single room and shared room.

Our Accommodation

Welcome to SCIC Sports Training in China
Interested in sports training in China? We offer training programs and exchanges with Chinese athletes and teams. Chinese champions took home a total of 51 gold medals in the 2008 Olympics, dominating the field in such events as table tennis, diving, shooting, badminton and weightlifting!

Whether you are an individual, sports team, club, school or organization, we have the program for you. All our training programs take place in professional schools and sports centres complete with world-class equipment and facilities. You have the chance to meet professional Chinese athletes and national teams, exchanging skills, techniques and broadening your perspective! We also offer participants the opportunity to travel throughout China and explore this unique land, as well as cultural and social activities to ensure you have a full China experience!

Available Sports

Table Tennis
Track & Field

Available Schools and Teams
Beijing Sport University
Beijing Shishahai Sports School
Yunnan Professional Sports Team
Shanghai Sports Training School
Henan Professional Sports Team


All participants on every program will receive a prestigious certificate issued by SCIC and the associated sports body, certifying their training in China.

Training Facilities
Participants will train in top-class training with professional facilities and equipment, such as the Chinese National Table Tennis Training Center in Henan province, which has been producing world champions and Olympic gold medallists for over sixteen years. Besides their chosen sport, participants will also have access to a wide range of fitness equipment such as a gymnasium, racetrack and sauna.

Instructors & Coaches:

All coaches on each program are experienced professionals who have trained athletes for championship-level competition, such as Olympic badminton gold medallist Lin Dan and Olympic diving gold medallist Guo Jingjing. Every participant will receive focused training to help them improve in their chosen sport.

Combine your training with travel!

We have three options available:
1. Intensive training in China C focus on your chosen sport and receive top quality training and instruction.

2. Training and travel C have a mixed experience in China! Train hard in the mornings and explore in the afternoons. Have a full experience of this fascinating country.

3. One week's training and one's week's travel C the name says it all! Train hard for one week, then relax and travel across China in the second. A mixture of `hardness¨ and `softness¨; a true `yin¨ and `yang¨ package.

Trips available:

Choose from destinations all across China! Whether you want to see the famous Terracotta Warriors in the former capital of Xian, explore Yunnan¨s beautiful landscape and experience ancient ethnic traditions, tour the dynamic city of Shanghai or travel along the Silk Road, one of the most significant trade routes in history, the choice is yours!


Additional Activities after training

SCIC arranges cultural activities, social events and sightseeing programs for all athletes training in China! These include special meals, cultural shows, arts workshops and Beijing tours. For more details, please click here.

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How to Apply
Social Experience in China
A wide range of activities are organized throughout the language program . A great Way to make new Chinese friends and friends from all over the world.
more details>>
China Tours & Travel
Offer free weekend tours, monthly City travel throughout the study period and arranges whole China tours at the end of the study term.
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SCIC Newslette
See our acitivities in action....
Enjoy a fun and complete study, social lifestyle, travel experience of China
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