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2015New SCIC Study Courses in China, study Chinese Language, Martial Arts, take part in optional cultural courses: Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Musical Instruments, Chinese Cooking and many more...

Social Activities
Cultural Workshops
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Welcome to SCIC China Study Division


We offer comprehensive Chinese study programs that encompass all aspects of Chinese culture, specially designed for beginners and also including travel and social experiences in China. Whether you want to study Mandarin at Beijing Language & Culture University, learn a traditional musical instrument like the Pipa or develop your skills in Chinese calligraphy and brush painting, we have the course for you!

We work with respected universities and schools and all our tutors are professionals in their crafts. Every program is designed to meet students' individual needs and requirements, as well as providing a wider experience of Chinese culture and life! After study classes have finished for the day you may go to Karaoke or have a relaxing massage, before embarking on a city tour of Beijing at the weekend. The options are endless! SCIC Beijing is proud to offer you the chance of a unique Chinese experience in one of the most exciting and dynamic countries in the world.

Study options

Chinese Language ¨C Mandarin
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese Musical Instruments
Tai Chi & Kung Fu
Calligraphy & Brush Painting
Chinese Cooking
Film Studies
Chinese Acrobatics
Chinese Dancing
Business in China

Single/Combined Course:

Students have two options ¨C choose one subject as your main focus or combine two subjects together! Whether you want to study Chinese language and Martial Arts, or TCM with Calligraphy, SCIC Beijing can provide it for you. For more details, please see relevant web-pages, or contact us.

Universities and schools:

-Beijing Language & Culture University (BLCU)

-Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
-Institute of Chinese Music
-Beijing University of Physical Education
-Central Academy of Fine Arts
-Beijing Film Institute/Central Academy of Drama
-China National Acrobatics School
-Beijing International Arts School
-Beijing International Business University

Study courses in brief:

Chinese Language ¨C Mandarin
Mandarin is a language spoken by over a 1/5th of the world¡¯s population! Study at China's top language university and improve your language skills. Language partners and after-class tutorials will help you succeed! Course Info

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese TCM has been developed over thousands of years. Students will learn both theory and practical methods including acupuncture and massage at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Course Details

Chinese Musical Instruments
Well-known for its distinctive and elegant sounds, students on this course can learn to play instruments like the Erhu and Pipa, learn some Chinese songs and expand their knowledge of Chinese history and culture! Course Details

Tai Chi & Kung Fu
Study Chinese Martial Arts in the land where it all began! Students can learn basics such as punching and kicking, stretching and stances as well as forms and applications. Strengthen your body, mind and spirit! Course Details

Calligraphy & Brush Painting
Perhaps the most distinctive of all Chinese arts, students can learn to express themselves through these unique styles. Fun, creative and fulfilling, this course is ideal for anyone seeking a new method of expression. Course Details

Chinese Cooking
Chinese dishes are famed for their distinctive flavours and tastes! Students can learn China¡¯s balanced and harmonious ways of cooking then take recipes back home. Course Details

Film Studies
Learn about film making and production at Beijing¡¯s top school. Classes are taught by qualified and experienced professionals. Course Details

Chinese Acrobatics
Chinese acrobats are famous the world over for their extraordinary strength and abilities. Students can get fitter, develop techniques and learn more about this fascinating side of Chinese culture. Course Details

Chinese Dancing
Traditional Chinese dance is a beautiful and graceful art-form. Students can learn this art and train with professional dancers. Course Details

Business in China
Sharpen your business acumen with a course in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world! Covering trade practices, regulations, market development, business Mandarin and more, this course is ideal for anyone seeking to improve their business knowledge. Course Details

SCIC Activities After Class

Experience Local Lifestyles in Beijing
SCIC arranges social activities for all students on the Total Program, ensuring you have a fun-filled experience of China! Including shows, clubing nights, special meals,traditional festivals, celebrations and more. More info

Study Chinese Culture & Arts
Our weekly workshops are a unique opportunity for students to experience some of China's traditional skills and crafts. All workshops are taught by professionals. More info

Visit Historical Attractions in Beijing
Tours provide students with the opportunity to discover famous historical and cultural attractions in Beijing. Available for all students. More info







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