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2015New SCIC Study Courses in China, study Chinese Language, Martial Arts, take part in optional cultural courses: Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Musical Instruments, Chinese Cooking and many more...

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Chinese Musical Instruments Course

Our Chinese Musical Instruments Course allows anyone with an interest in Chinese music and culture to experience this traditional art. Whether you are a complete beginner or an established musician, you can learn different Chinese instruments, discover simple Chinese songs and get an insight into Chinese culture and musical history!

Students can study full-time at the Central Academy of Chinese Music, or combine this course with another main program, studying two or three times a week at SCIC Beijingís Cultural Centre. Courses are mostly taught in Chinese with an English interpreter provided. Students can also participate in social activities and experiences! Travel opportunities are also available for anyone wanting to explore this amazing country further. With SCIC an exceptional China experience awaits you! 

Brief Intro to Chinese Music and Instruments >>

Course Duration: 

2 weeks
4 weeks
8 weeks
6 weeks
12 weeks

Available Course

Central Academy of Chinese Music
8:30 to 11am (Monday to Friday)

SCIC Cultural Center Beijing
2 to 3:30 pm (Tuesday and Thursday)

Single / Combined Courses:

Students have two options - choose one subject as your main focus or combine two together! Choose from Musical Instruments and any of our other courses including Language, Dance or Calligraphy & Brush Painting. For more details please see the relevant pages or contact us.

Available Instruments

Bamboo Flute

Study Contents

Learn basic musical rhythms, beats, tone qualities and fundamental techniques such as blowing, bowing, plucking, and striking for each instrument; obtain a general knowledge of traditional Chinese musical instruments. At the end of the course students will be able to play simple Chinese music and songs and possess a foundation for further instruction and practicing.  

Instructors and Teachers

The SCIC Musical Instrument Courses are taught by a small group of artists from the Central Academy of Music, some of whom are members of the China National Group. They are responsible for demonstrating and teaching traditional musical instruments to our students and travelers.

SCIC Activities After Class

Experience Local Lifestyles in Beijing

SCIC arranges social activities for all students on the Total Program, ensuring you have a fun-filled experience of China! Including cultural shows, clubbing nights, special meals, traditional festival celebrations and more. More Info >>

Study Chinese Culture & Arts

Our workshops are a unique opportunity for our participants to experience some of China's traditional skills and crafts. All workshops are taught by professionals and are available for students on the Total Program. More Info >>

Visit Historical Attractions in Beijing

Tours provide students with the opportunity to discover famous historical and cultural attractions in Beijing. Available for all students on the Total Program. More Info >>

See what our students are up to!  Newsletter.....


Choose from two types of accommodation available at campus including single rooms and shared rooms. More Info

Dates & Fees

Choose a Standard program or a Total program that covers Beijing tours, social activities and cultural workshops. More Info

How to apply
More Info



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