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2015New SCIC Study Courses in China, study Chinese Language, Martial Arts, take part in optional cultural courses: Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Musical Instruments, Chinese Cooking and many more...

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Universities in China  co-operating with SCIC Beijing 
1. Beijing Language & Culture University
Beijing Language & Culture University is a specialized language and culture university. Founded in 1962, it is the only international university in China with the express purpose of teaching Chinese language and culture to foreign students. Each year around 10,000 international students from 120 countries enrol for study, and since it was established the university has trained hundreds of thousands of foreign students in Chinese. It also has exchange programs and joint teaching ventures with 157 universities in 31 other countries.

2. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1956. It is one of the earliest established traditional Chinese medical institutions for higher learning in China and the only medical learning establishment designated '211' (meaning a government-selected university of importance).

3. Chinese Musical Institute
The Chinese Musical Institute offers training in traditional Chinese music, focusing on performing, composition, musical theory, and music technology. Founded in 1964, it combined the Central Conservatory Chinese Music Department, the Beijing Arts Academy Music Department and the China Music Research Institute, and brought together renowned musicians and scholars from across the country. The Institute offers study programs for secondary school students, undergraduates, research graduates, adults, as well as foreign students.

4. Central Academy for Fine Arts
The Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing is a leading institution for modern art education in China. Founded in 1950 and incorporating the National Beiping Art College and the Fine Arts Department of Huabei University, the Academy can trace its roots back to the National Beijing Art College, the first national art education institution in Chinese history.

5. Chinese Acrobatics School
The Chinese Acrobatic School is the training base for China's National Acrobatic Troupe, the award-winning and world-famous acrobatics team. Founded in 1950, the group was the first national performing arts squad established by the government. It includes training in acrobatics, aerial acts, comedy, vocalization and magic.

6. Beijing International Art School
The Beijing International Art School is a specialized art school and the only secondary school in Beijing qualified to recruit foreign students. It specializes in teaching fine arts, dance, martial arts, movie and television performances, and acrobatics. The school has trained students from the USA, France, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries for over 10 years. Both national and foreign students have won a total of 23 prizes in competitions at home and abroad.

7. University of International Business and Economics
The University of International Business and Economics in Beijing is one of China's top educational facilities. At present there are over 11,000 students enrolled there from all over China as well as over 102 countries and regions from the rest of the world, and at present there are 2500 foreign students at the university. The university invites dozens of foreign professionals to teach and lecture there every year. It also has exchange programs with over 100 universities and institutes from 30 countries including America, Germany, France, England, Japan, Korea, Australia and Russia.

8. Beijing Sport University
The Beijing Sport University (The Former Beijing University of Physical Education) is the only sport subject-based university in China. It has delivered many world class athletes, Olympic Medalists and national champions in all fields. It has 5 schools, 2 institutes and 6 departments, with a total number of over 10 thousand students.

9. Capital Institute of Physical Education
The Capital Institute of Physical Education (CIPE, formerly Beijing Teachers' College of Physical Education) was founded in 1956 in Beijing Municipality. In 1994, with Department of Education approval, it started to enroll foreign students. The CIPE teaches all types of sports subjects including both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Chinese and international students. The primary aim of the Institute is to train students to become a qualified teacher in Physical Education. The International Department also provides beginner and comprehensive Chinese language courses for international students, especially students who are undertaking martial arts study in the institute. 

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